• brightness_3 Current - 14/12/19 04:55:00 AM
    Outside Temperature1.0°C
    Barometer1016.7 mbar
    Altimeter1014.8 mbar
    Pressure974.2 mbar
    Barometer Trend (3 Hours)-0.3 mbar
    Wind3 km/h W (276°)
    Rain Rate0.0 mm/h
    Solar Radiation0 W/m²
    Max Solar Radiation0 W/m²
    Console Battery StatusOK
    ISS Battery StatusOK
  • brightness_3Since Midnight - 2019-12-14
    High Temperature1.4°C12:00:04 AM
    Low Temperature-0.3°C02:37:43 AM
    Low Windchill-1.7°C03:19:45 AM
    High Dewpoint-0.8°C12:00:04 AM
    Low Dewpoint-2.3°C02:37:43 AM
    High Humidity88%03:09:17 AM
    Low Humidity84%12:12:29 AM
    High Barometer1017.1 mbar12:23:59 AM
    Low Barometer1016.6 mbar04:40:59 AM
    Today's Rain0.0 mm
    High Rain Rate0.0 mm/h12:00:04 AM
    High Wind6 km/h 261°03:19:45 AM
    Average Wind1 km/h
    RMS Wind1 km/h
    Vector Average Speed1 km/h
    Vector Average Direction263°
    High Radiation0 W/m²12:00:04 AM
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  • todayAlmanac
    Start civil twilight:07:09:42 AM
    Sunrise07:48:12 AM
    Transit:11:53:33 AM
    Sunset:03:58:46 PM
    End civil twilight:04:37:16 PM
    Solstice:21/12/19 08:19:15 PM
    Equinox:19/03/20 08:49:32 PM

    Rise:06:37:35 PM
    Transit:01:53:14 AM
    Set:10:10:38 AM
    New moon:25/12/19 09:13:06 PM
    Full moon:10/01/20 11:21:17 AM
    Phase:Waning gibbous
    (94% full)
  • todayHistorical
    Average Temperature
    So Far This Month1.1°C
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    Daily Temperature & Dewpoint Daily Temperature & Wind Chill Daily Rain & Rain Rate Daily Barometer Daily Avg Wind & Gust Daily Wind Direction Daily Solar Radiation
  • todayThis Week
    High Temperature3.7°C02:50:23 PM (Sunday)
    Low Temperature-3.4°C06:38:42 AM (Monday)
    Low Windchill-6.1°C08:12:20 AM (Monday)
    High Dewpoint0.9°C12:55:51 AM (Sunday)
    Low Dewpoint-6.4°C06:08:58 AM (Monday)
    High Humidity91%12:29:29 AM (Sunday)
    Low Humidity54%01:11:25 PM (Sunday)
    High Barometer1029.8 mbar08:53:00 AM (Monday)
    Low Barometer1011.3 mbar02:57:59 AM (Thursday)
    Rain Total5.6 mm
    High Rain Rate2.4 mm/h07:47:19 PM (Thursday)
    High Wind Speed29 km/h 86°03:17:10 AM (Sunday)
    Average Wind3 km/h
    RMS Wind4 km/h
    Vector Average Speed1 km/h
    Vector Average Direction241°
    High ET0.1 mm11:00:00 AM (Sunday)
    High Radiation330 W/m²11:46:31 AM (Monday)
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    Week Temperature & Dewpoint Week Temperature & Wind Chill Week Rain & Rain Rate Week Barometer Week Avg Wind & Gust Week Wind Direction Week Solar Radiation
  • todayThis Month
    High Temperature6.1°C07/12/19 04:05:00 AM
    Low Temperature-8.3°C01/12/19 02:37:18 AM
    Low Windchill-9.1°C01/12/19 07:52:43 AM
    High Dewpoint2.9°C07/12/19 11:40:45 AM
    Low Dewpoint-11.0°C01/12/19 02:17:20 AM
    High Humidity91%07/12/19 10:35:54 PM
    Low Humidity54%08/12/19 01:11:25 PM
    High Barometer1029.8 mbar09/12/19 08:53:00 AM
    Low Barometer1008.4 mbar07/12/19 01:31:01 PM
    Rain Total14.8 mm
    High Rain Rate3.6 mm/h07/12/19 04:32:09 PM
    High Wind Speed34 km/h 169°03/12/19 01:36:10 AM
    Average Wind4 km/h
    RMS Wind5 km/h
    Vector Average Speed2 km/h
    Vector Average Direction234°
    High ET0.1 mm05/12/19 11:00:00 AM
    High Radiation417 W/m²05/12/19 10:53:49 AM
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    Month Temperature & Dewpoint Month Temperature & Wind Chill Month Rain & Rain Rate Month Barometer Month Avg Wind & Gust Month Wind Direction Month Solar Radiation
  • todayCalendar Year
    High Temperature35.9°C07/08/19 05:20:10 PM
    Low Temperature-16.3°C05/02/19 08:37:23 AM
    Low Windchill-24.6°C04/02/19 01:17:30 AM
    High Dewpoint19.4°C31/08/19 04:36:37 PM
    Low Dewpoint-24.6°C05/02/19 05:43:44 AM
    High Humidity96%19/04/19 03:40:48 AM
    Low Humidity8%07/08/19 05:09:42 PM
    High Barometer1038.9 mbar29/10/19 08:41:59 AM
    Low Barometer991.3 mbar06/01/19 05:29:59 AM
    Rain Total262.4 mm
    High Rain Rate121.2 mm/h02/07/19 10:32:05 PM
    High Wind Speed43 km/h 243°26/04/19 03:27:36 PM
    Average Wind3 km/h
    RMS Wind4 km/h
    Vector Average Speed0 km/h
    Vector Average Direction234°
    High ET0.8 mm13/06/19 02:00:00 PM
    High Radiation1262 W/m²29/06/19 03:05:43 PM
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    Year Temperature & Dewpoint Year Temperature & Wind Chill Year Rain & Rain Rate Year Barometer Year Avg Wind & Gust Year Wind Direction Year Solar Radiation